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Remember to read Rob definition. The number eight strives to succeed on the material plane using his own power, energy and courage. This path is very personable and releases generally much insurance.

Knowing how to draw attention as to be heard. A person of action and command. Authoritarian and pragmatic you have great self esteem. Excellent public speaker. You can excel in areas such as policy making and community spirit. Liking to take part in the great causes to defend those who are in need of help. You loathe flattery and lies.

Often concerned about justice, both for himself and for those around him. Your sense of righteousness can not accept situations where someone is not recognized for their performance. Still your emotional side is mostly not obvious to others.

Those who only know you superficially can get the impression of you being cold, distant and calculating. However that is not true! The vibrations of this path are generally very ambitious but also very materialistic, always seeking to put his interests before everything else.
Knowing how to demonstrate exemplary persistence on the road to success. When facing failure you are able to turn it to your advantage and learn from mistakes. Taking advantage of the lessons learned to restart before being discouraged. Your nature is ambitious, which leads you to work very hard to succeed and help achieve a high position on a social scale. Comfort is one of your objectives. Money is essential to build a comfortable life. You like things to be clear and crisp, for you it's all or nothing. Considering your time very valuable you normally cut to the chase quickly. On a higher plane you work towards you own transformation, meaning spirituality has an important place in your life. Your qualities can at the same time be your defects. Try to monitor the risks of overreaching, of careerism, domination and dishonesty. Your desire and constant search for material riches can bring imbalance to your life. Showing kindness and affection are needed for your life in order to achieve happiness.

Try to be more open especially with people close to you. Open your protective shell and disclose some of your weaknesses in order to evolve. You are very constant and reliable in love life. Not one who would be capable of betraying their other half. Not a big talker when you speak it is always with a purpose. You might not be the best with big emotional showings of affection, which is why it usually takes longer for you to show your true feelings.

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