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Remember to read Mike definition. The main characteristic of people marked by the number 3 is creativity in its broadest sense, whether through art, speech or just the creation of life.

Original and intelligent this path will cleverly find talent. Moreover he can develop projects, whether in business or the arts. Having goals that are sometimes ambitious, but give excellent results. You have a very sharp mind, which gives you strong creative abilities with a taste for innovation, but it can not shine when doing tedious or unoriginal work.

Your true talent can come out when there is a sense of originality to the things you do. This path seeks to surround themselves with creators like yourself, in order to have a taste of great things.

To stop you from building too many cloud castles at the same time, it would be wise to have some sort of supervision by people more down to earth, who will not hesitate to bring you back on track. One of your weaknesses is that you tend to disperse and forget the end goal.
Emotions could mark your life and work. You need to fully accomplish work goals(often to be encouraged and complimented). Therefore you are quite susceptible to flattery. Sociable, communicative and friendly by nature, the active number 3 needs to appear, to be surrounded by an audience. This path usually passes for a lover of good food and company, often being constantly in motion. His communication skills allows him to create or enlarge his circle of friends quite easily. He likes to communicate, talk and show off. Always managing to get out of tricky situations thanks to your adaptability and practicality. Your combative and courageous nature enables you to obtain virtually anything you want(particularly through your words). His emotionality is also appreciated. He knows how to seduce the crowds and to use his oratorical skills. However if you do not control yourself you may fall into pride and get lost in the superficiality and frivolity! Curious and active the three can sometimes put his nose in matters which do not concern him and that does not always please everyone.

You are above all someone who loves movement and novelty. He hates loneliness, it scares him and he will even prefer to be surrounded by bad company rather than remain alone. At times a little hothead and a daredevil. He likes risks, which sometimes can bring him big fortune, but also a lot of disappointments. You are quite extravagant. Money is a source of pleasure, that this path tends to use to live one day at a time. His casualness may seem indeed odd to some. In love you are a true charmer, at times being a little too straight forward. He likes to please and what he enjoys most are the first moments of a relationship or the hidden or forbidden stories that stimulate life.

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