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Remember to read Mark definition. An independent soul who is full of wisdom. This path seeks to develop his inner life. Generally analytical and observant of your surroundings the number seven is a deep thinker.

Quiet and seclusion are key elements of the personal life of the asset number 7. Indeed his inner life is rich and periods of isolation and introspection are necessary. Having a rather solitary temperament, even in relationships alone time is a must have. Very thoughtful, not easily letting new people come too close.

Sometimes even testing other people, seeking to pierce their souls and their true intentions before giving his friendship or love! Generally shunning superficial or too bright personalities, because they tire you quickly.

You like to play psychologists and generally give good advice in difficult situations. With your openness, it is easy to understand others. The experiences from personal life often serve as a reference point in this process. In life you like to analyze yourself, reflect, study and learn in the broad sense(this can be a life skill) to transmit your experiences.
Gifted with a sharp intellect(above average), you love to ponder over questions before engaging in a specific way. Every action must be carefully considered and analyzed. It is rather hard for you to make a decision impulsively. Those who know you are aware how difficult it is to change any decision you have already made. All decisions you make are done after careful consideration and you usually do not derogate from the chosen path. A person who is ready to put in all possible efforts when he wants to get something. Personality wise, calm and thoughtful, he has a great sense of observation and an analytical mind. You also tend to be careful, patient and a perfectionist. But sevens can sometimes be withdrawn, lonely, melancholic, this is due to its concentration of mind that crystallizes on a thought, a study, a search while making him completely forget the outside world. Extremely patient, he knows how to calm to destabilize his opponents.

At work you are probably known as someone reliable, meticulous and considerate of others despite his preference to work alone. The active number 7 does indeed love working alone, because it leaves more room for though. Always preferring to give advice rather than receiving it. With a rather independent nature you do not like to be directed or to be given orders. This can result in disagreements with superiors regarding work. A little flexibility, surely will benefit you the most. Provided you do not necessarily seek to be a leader or manager, but rather have a job as a freelancer for example, that will leave you enough freedom to flourish. Having an inner life that is rich with spirituality, mystery and serenity you might sometimes be attracted to a religion or esoteric. This path related to wisdom, but also mystery. Without balance in life there may be risk of anxiety or doubt. Be careful not to fall back on yourself. In love your vibrations seek above all the spiritual and intellectual communication. It is inconceivable for you to focus on someone who does not share your ideas, beliefs or some of your hobbies. In family life you like to be the observant being observing calmly from the sidelines, never issuing any criticism(you hate that). Instead you know how to show a lot of tolerance towards others.

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