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Remember to read Marijke definition. The number five is one that strives towards freedom of mind and action. This road towards freedom can result in traveling and a search for new experiences.

A flexible person able to adapt to new situations with ease. Your skills can shine best in dynamic environments and changing situations. This path loves constant mobility, travel and has a taste for novelty. During their life time people with the vibration of five may change countries they live in several times.

Sometimes the reason is related to work. Work that enables this kind of freedom is probably best suited for this path. Often demonstrating a boundless enthusiasm and an intense need for more experiments, whether in private life or in your professional life.

Showing enthusiasm for new challenges, taking trips or changing their environment. You usually are a dynamic, lively and funny. Living your life to the fullest you tend to take big decision concerning your freedom easily while trying to avoid small unimportant details.
Your curious personality makes you often a precursor. With an original mindset your head is always full of new ideas and projects. There is an intense need for more experiments. Which results in having a hard time settling for a single project. Living for extreme experiences which at times can lead towards danger, as his need to feel free and desire to try everything is great. This need for novelty makes you flexible and able to easily adapt to new situations. When you feel trapped, you lock yourself in a deep silence and even tend to spin straight to sadness. The active number 5 wants adventure, change, human contact, freedom and a lot of personal independence. Far from it the idea or desire to want to maintain a small cushy life like everyone else! Smart and bold you are friendly and know how to charm others with your mind. Loving to be seduced by words and enchanted by people with personality. You are right and just never accepting compromises on things that truly matter. Nature proclaims, reserved and shy, however you know how to show composure and have great intuition.

This inconsistent style of having fun and seeking adventure can hurt some people around you, especially in love. Your tendency to not resist temptation can create a strain on friendships. Above all you seek fun and beautiful scenery. Among your life changes can be frequent moves or separations, because you become restless once boredom and routine set in.

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