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Remember to read Lucilene definition. Altruism and sensitivity to human problems are words that best describe the number nine. But also idealism and emotionalism that this path must learn to manage.

Generally very sensitive to the misfortunes of others. If possible you want to help and are therefore appreciated for it. Above all you want to see everyone happy. Idealistic and spiritual a humanist you desire for harmony and peace in the world. Volunteering has an essential place in your life. A generous and open person, helping others makes you happy.

Liking to help, assist, protect and soothe pain and sorrow you are able to move mountains for a cause that is important. Working with order and regularity, advancing slowly but surely. Continuing to learn throughout your life makes you cultivated.

You always find pleasure in traveling mentally through carefully selected good books. Often dreaming of distant horizons trips and discoveries. This need to help people might take you on humanitarian missions around the world, but might as well let you give a helping hand to local communities.
This path does not like risk and tries to avoid the unexpected if possible. This tameness might lead to difficulties in starting new projects. The inability to take risks generally will create problems for you more often than not. Have confidence in yourself and in your ability to handle whatever life throws at you. On a professional level structure is indispensable for you. Supervision and environment are key components so that you wont get distracted. The vibrations of this path like to dream yet are afraid of adventure. Stop dreaming and dare to take reasonable risks and go for it! Featuring an intense sensitivity that influences not only your achievements but also your behavior. You are passionate, emotional, sensitive, generous, affectionate but sometimes too shy. A meditative person who seeks solitude, but is still comfortable with public attention. Provided you speak for a great cause and not for your own name. The active number nine is a loyal person who can count his friends.

But he hates gossip and situations that are not clear. He tends to withdraw into himself, in a world of its own in which he can look for inspiration. You know how to show great tolerance toward others and accept them as they are with their qualities and defects. People highly appreciate you, which results in having many friends. In married life and relationships the best partner is someone who can give you enough space for solitude when needed. When finding the right person for love you become a whole being who seeks to be one with the other and that is considerate loving but also passionate. For your family you are a figurehead who can always be asked for advice or help.

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