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Remember to read Doede definition. The eleven is a master number. Meaning this is a rather rare and special path. You are a strong person with a tenacious will and determination. With an intuition that is usually correct.

To describe this path it's best to add control, authority and spirituality to the description. There exist only two master numbers 11 and 22, meaning eleven has its own interpretation with exceptional qualities. This number expands the qualities and characteristics of the path two to the extreme.

You are predestined to occupy the top spot. With a very strong character you can overcome all hurdles. But instead of fame and personal triumph, you prefer the quiet but effective work that requires performance with great skill.

All the sensitivity and emotionality that mark this number is expressed in nervousness. Your friends are probably aware of your stubborn personality which can lead you to undertake endeavors obstinately and thus succeeding most of the time by carrying out your business(never giving up).
However this is necessary for you to live up to your high ideals or spiritual strength. Such tenacious will and authority can often bring up nervous tension which you need to manage. The eleven is able to manifest an indomitable courage in times of difficulty and has an uncommon willingness to fight for his beliefs. He puts all his energy to the realization of an ideal, whether professional or personal. Always carrying that determination with the will to succeed. Your intuition can often lead your way to showing strength. The vibrations of this master path represent spiritual power. The word power is not to be taken literally, but rather as a desire to rise, to engage on the way. Having the desire to live out the desires of the spirit and incarnate, then spread them around him. In its torque, it combines the emotional and practical effectively, establishing a balance favorable to the pursuit of happiness.

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