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Remember to read Corrie definition. Strong organizational skills coupled with discipline and a methodical mindset. The life path number four is practical, has great rigor and an unparalleled attention to detail.

People who vibrate in the path four are often ultra-serious beings, straight, sincere and very courageous. With a life that is well balanced and structured you like to know where things are going before taking action. Your methodical personality makes you especially good at organizing things, thanks to a high sense of order and discipline.

The capacity for work for this path will enable you to achieve great things but the secret is to stay motivated under whatever circumstances. You are able to work tirelessly until the set goal has been reached.

These vibrations command admiration primarily for your work ethics from your entourage and ensure your family stable and comfortable living conditions. The active number 4 is a hard worker who often manages to build a good end result even in dire situations.
A very active who one could never find idling around. This is possibly also one of your major flaws, because it's hard to come out of the serious work mentality and indulge in the joys of life and fantasy. You are sustainable, tangible and have a great sense of duty. Those who know you also know that you are a reliable person who seeks excellence. However set in your ways you tend to get comfortable. Liking it when things are in their place. His rigor is his main quality(there exists a desire for it to be appreciated). He has an innate gift for organization, we could even ask him for it. Mentoring can benefit you tremendously. You love when events are planned, objects are classified and stored. There is very little room in your life for contingencies, moreover you might even refuse them. No last minute invitations or spontaneous outings. For his entourage, it is sometimes difficult to understand and comply constantly with these set rules. You can seem a little cold at first to new people, but once there is some familiarity you know how to be welcoming and friendly.

A person with the very deep feelings, but you can not always express them or rather don't know how to. Clumsy in love, opening your heart usually takes time and patience. But for your future partner it's worth the wait! Fragile in vitality you absolutely need a healthy living environment and good hygiene.

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