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Remember to read Barry definition. The 1 is the strongest number, but also the most difficult to bear. This is the number of creation, invention, nervousness and opportunism.

The active number 1 has a strong personality that he needs to express and does not bother with unnecessary details, usually going straight to the point. Foolproof energy enable it to undertake major actions that will build creativity, business sense and determination. This path is seen as a voluntary activity, courageous, one who does not shrink from the challenge and forces the admiration of others.

A person who wants to win(he loves and wants to succeed at any cost). There is a desire to be recognized as a leader. Obstacles do not scare him, only results matter.

Although this name indicates a high chance of career success there still remain many hurdles to overcome. Learn to respect certain rules and not to let your weaknesses and faults take over. Although acquaintances and friends find the one to be attractive and sensual, this path can lead you to be a lonely wolf.
The good always comes with the bad. You do have the qualities of leadership and independence, but with them also comes the defects of these qualities(selfish, ambitious, opportunistic and impatient). Always striving to win and be first can be a strong temptation. This need can result in fear of losing things you already have gained and becoming jealous of things you do not have. Always authoritarian, rarely getting influenced by his surroundings, he prefers to continue his own path. This first name can often create a very strong character, who bears little to be directed or controlled, but is capable of many concessions in the name of love. A very intelligent and active person who often becomes a sort of adviser for others. People respect and often come from elsewhere to ask his opinion. Those close to him know that he is very protective and may be capable of great dedication. In summary a whole being who is sincere and faithful, but finds it hard to make concessions.

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